Nemesis: Challenge with Video Game Girl Aria Aspen

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Battle it out with the gorgeous and deadly video game girl Aria Aspen in this sexy video game play video! Aria is packing two automatic hand rifles and a seriously hot outfit – tiny black shiny top, a sexy strap mini skirt with a sheer ass, black patterned stockings, utility belt slung over her hips and sturdy black boots, ready to kick your ass! The shootout begins in a wrecked alleyway; the sexy heroine deftly avoids your attack; she’s got both barrels locked on you and she knows how to pwn your ass. She’s a nimble little minx; she ducks into a basement window to escape. You follow her into the basement where she surprises you with a volley of bullets! You launch a fresh assault and force her down the hallway, where she ducks behind walls and crouches in doorways. You zap her with your freeze ray and she’s frozen in place! You move in for a closer view of this sexy video game girl, giving her a nice long look up and down. The freeze wears off and she leaps back into action, guns blazing as she retreats down the hallway. As she turns around to escape, you freeze her again, enjoying a great view of her tight, round ass in that sheer black mini skirt and micro thong panties. She resists the freeze effect faster this time and leaps away and escapes around a corner! You advance to find she’s trapped herself in a dead end, and she’s running out of ammo. She throws down her rifles and equips her pistol, desperately trying to fend off your attack, but you hit her with a hypno ray! Now the real fun begins as you ask her to take off her top, and she starts to undress seductively for you. You enjoy a nice full view of her firm and perky tits, then she peels off her skirt to show you her nice round booty, and you ask her to bend over for a better view. You tell her to remove her panties, and she tugs at them teasingly before pulling them down to her ankles. She’s completely nude in-game and begins touching herself seductively, her hands running over her lithe naked body, then turns around to present her perfect ass. Suddenly, the hypno ray wears off, and she quickly grabs her pistol and blasts you at close range!

Actual screenshots from this video:

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